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The Color Blew Music Poster 2023

The Color Blew is a South African Alternative Indie Rock Band. They represent depth and insight, providing the “alternative” where talent and passion merge with meaning and sound - a place free from preconceived notions of how music should sound. They often find discerning audience members getting lost in moments of deep listening, mesmerised by the artful sound and impassioned performance, unaware of what is happening around them. They work hard in the studio, play hard on stage, and strive for consummate professionalism, no matter the occasion. While The Color Blew has been together since 2014, their combined years of band experience total over 65 years. They are are a four piece outfit consisting of Liaan Horton (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar) Marius Cronje (Bass Guitar) Timothy James Lotter (Lead Guitar) Armando Santos (Drums). They are based in the East Rand of Gauteng, South Africa, where they rehearse, create, record and produce their music at Audio Vibez Records studio located in Springs.

Asking them to categorise their sound into one sub-genre of Rock music would be like asking a painter to use only one colour paint. Their music could be broadly considered Alternative Rock, but there are many more nuances. Their core material is heavily coloured by Grunge and Punk, and can be found on their debut album: THE CANVAS. Their newer music brings in the bright hues of Jazz and African beats, blended with meaningful lyrics. This is evident from their sophomore release LIGHT SWITCH. In 2022 The Color Blew paid tribute to the immortal Queen and David Bowie with their rendition of UNDER PRESSURE that charted on the SA TOP 40 and several International Indie Charts.


Their latest single LOVE IN SPACE was release ahead of their performances at OPPILAND 2023 and YOUTH FEST 2023, and enjoyed tremendous success to date, charting with several local and international stations. All in all, The Color Blew strives to create an evolving, distinctive sound on the vast canvas of South African music!

Love in Space Single Cover

The Color Blew are back with their new single 'Love In Space'


Liaan Horton (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar) shares that “When we started our new round of writing, I decided not to force lyrics or sounds, and just let the music happen. This is the first result of that process, and I am in love with our current space!”


Armando Santos (Drums) adds that “We all need that ‘loving space’ we can relate to. This is a different genre for The Color Blew, but we are all excited, and can relate to this song!”


Timothy Lotter (Lead Guitar) concludes that “For me the process of creating ‘Love In Space’ has been blissful serendipity!”

Armando Santos “For me it is an absolute pleasure to be part of The Color Blew and our journey to compile, record and release our own version of this legendary “Under Pressure” song from the iconic band Queen.”


Marius Cronje “Queen has always been one of my favourite bands growing up as a kid, and for us to be able to put our spin on an iconic song is an honour. I think the song today is just as, if not more powerful, and relevant than it has ever been, and I think that the message the song brings across is one that everyone can relate to. We need love. Love conquers all.”


Timothy Lotter “Under Pressure as a piece of music was more relevant to us than ever during the pandemic, and it became a vehicle for us to express how we thought the whole world was feeling. We now want to pay tribute to one of our favourite bands and biggest influences.“


Liaan Horton “The whole process of arranging, learning, and recording such a hugely important song, not just for us, but for the global music industry … was probably the most challenging musical endeavour I have ever been involved in. Trying to do these legends justice with our humble tribute has been a journey I won't soon forget and one that fills me with pride.“


The Color Blew - The Canvas Album Cover
The Color Blew - Light Switch Album Cover
The Color Blew - Under Pressure Single cover
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